about us

Linden Tweaks Oy was founded in 2011 to speed up your business and help you to succeed. Our team of business and media experts can help you reach your desired goals. Our services cover marketing, sales, funding, business advice, service development and customer experience, to name a few. Our extensive network of professionals in Europe, US and Asia can make all the difference in your business, when you need that extra push.

Our hands-on involvement in your project ensures your company the best possible results. We have helped small, medium and large companies achieve their goals, sometimes with very tight deadlines.

If your company want to grow and expand internationally, or you need some additional help to reach the next level, please give us a call.



Our process with our customers starts with current state analysis. This gives us a full picture of your ambitions and what “ingredients” your company really needs to succeed..

Most companies don’t realize how much resources, both human and financial, are required to make a successful market entry to another country. We have seasoned professionals who can help you with the following tasks:

  • Planning and creating a sound business plan
  • Sparring with you to reach the optimum price points for your products and services
  • Setting up and implementing your sales strategy
  • Establishing and maintaining a digital presence in social media
  • Planning your service and product marketing
  • Internationalization and landing the first large customers
  • Help in negotiating the best possible deals with subcontractors
  • Financial planning

the team


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our process

the client process

We investigate your company’s way of doing business and propose ways how we can substantially improve the results. This includes the way the products and services are presented, marketed and sold. Where do you reach and connect with your customers? Is your current business model the best one and is it viable? How much is the potential client willing to pay for your product or service? How do you land the first big reference customer?

These are some initial issues that we address when starting to work with you. Our team has experience in shaping up your business processes.

the team

We also look at what kind of people are working on your success story? Are they the right kind of team players that your company needs? Are all the necessary resources in place or does your company need temporary or long-term specialist resources?

your product or service

Sales drive every successful company. Quality products and services are the fuel for it. We carefully screen your product to see what improvements may be required. Are there ways to improve the usability or enhance the user experience? Is the pricing model understandable and do the customers feel they get enough benefits from your product or service?